Zara Goldstone
ROLE UK Programme Volunteer

Zara works as part of the ROLE UK team to facilitate partnerships between the UK legal sector and developing country counterparts. She has a BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge and recently completed an MSc in Political Theory at the London School of Economics.

Zara joined A4ID to apply her academic interest in areas such as global justice, the rule of law, and international development to real life issues. She is very excited to work in an organisation which has the potential to make a real difference. She is particularly interested in learning how the rule of law can be harnessed to fulfil other important ends such as SDG 1 (ending poverty) and SDG 10 (reducing inequality).

Zara has experience volunteering for a number of think tanks and charities. She hopes to eventually do research-based work in the field of global justice in a development NGO or in academia.

DD: | E: [email protected]