Merna Daabis
Pro Bono Projects Volunteer

Merna is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge studying Politics and International Relations. She hopes to pursue a career in corporate law, with a focus on pro bono and the purpose of normalising social responsibility in legal practice. By promoting autonomy through supporting the legal and civic rights of individuals, Merna believes that A4ID’s work can contribute to enhancing sustainable development.

Merna is interested in how history informs the ideology and structure of human rights as a guiding principle in international politics. In her studies, Merna is keen to understand the cultural interactions that produce a universal ideological framework for fundamental rights. During her time at A4ID, she hopes to learn more about the processes and mechanisms of decision-making in the evolution of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals into the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as observe common patterns in how different organisations approach, implement and measure their success relative to these goals.

Merna plans to undertake a training contract in 2022, after completing a law conversion course.



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