SDG 5: Gender Equality

Securing gender equality rights in every aspect of  life is essential to achieving a just and sustainable world. Gender inequality arises from established and often institutionalised cultural beliefs and behaviours that play out at personal, societal, institutional, and political levels. Strong legal frameworks establish the equality standards that institutions and society at large must uphold and provide a firm basis for policies aiming at improving the circumstances of women and girls. This Guide provides practical advice and actions for the global legal community in working towards the achievement of gender equality universally.

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Top three actions lawyers can take

Law firms can get involved in activities to raise awareness on gender equality and the ways to promote it, such as publishing research papers and organising events on relevant topics.

To prevent gender-based discrimination or harassment, law firms must have a written, publicly available non-discrimination policy based on the principle of zero tolerance.

Law firms and individual lawyers can provide pro bono legal services to civil society organisations dedicated to gender equality and rights.

The discrimination and the disparities in how people of different genders are treated, and the opportunities they are afforded, cut across all the Sustainable Development Goals.