14 Nov 2016 - by A4ID

2016 European Pro Bono Forum

One of the most remarkable developments in the field of law over the past decade has been the rapid growth of pro bono in Europe and increasingly around the globe.

Yasmin Batliwala and Elisabeth Baraka spoke at the European Pro Bono Forum in Amsterdam on Thursday 17th November. The Forum brought together the growing community that recognises the vital importance and impact of pro bono from law firms, corporations, bar organisations, NGOs, and law schools. The Forum offered a vital setting where supporters explored how they can best collaborate to address critical issues of social justice.

A4ID’s Chief Executive, Yasmin Batliwala chaired a session on practicing law with respect for human rights. Yasmin invited a discussion on the progress that law firms are making in implementing the UNGPs on Business and Human Rights, in both their advice to clients and as business enterprises themselves. She also shared some of the challenges of adding a human rights lens to a firm’s practice and operations, and explore how pro bono work can complement this.

A4ID’s Head of Partnerships and Legal Services, Elisabeth Baraka spoke at the session ‘there’s an app for that’ which looked at how pro bono work is moving into the digital age. Elisabeth discussed the recent launch of A4ID’s eLearning platform and the services it currently offers as well as A4ID’s plans for the expansion and development of this resource. With the assistance of its legal partners A4ID will build this suite of online learning tools to cover all key relevant areas of the law for the benefit of its many development partners.

For more information on A4ID’s work in the field of business and human rights for law firms please see this link. For more information on A4ID’s eLearning please click here or contact Elisabeth.

For more information on the European Pro Bono Forum, please visit their website here.

Yasmin Batliwala

Yasmin Batliwala [left] chairing a session on the practicing law with respect for human rights at the European Pro Bono Forum 2016. Panelists included Jo Weiss, Tom Dunn, Elodie Aba, Susan Hazledine and Carmen Pombo Morales.