Become a Development Partner

A4ID brokers free legal support for development partners by matching their needs with the capability of our legal partners.

Become a Development Partner

“A4ID has been instrumental in helping Shanti Life to expand globally and ensure through a very useful health check that our processes are in place. We have had assistance regarding our contracts, data protection, messaging, and overall operations. Having the health check in place has allowed us to effectively empower more than 1,000 poor women in Gujarat India. We are forever thankful!”


Sheetal Walsh, Founder, Shanti Life

We work with a wide range of development partners from around the world.

As well as linking them with legal experts to provide free legal support, we also work closely with them to develop ways in which the law can be used to further the Sustainable Development Goals.

Why legal services are useful

Law is a powerful tool for fighting causes, protecting rights and running any effective organisation. Given our access to a wide range of legal partners, we provide development organisations with the best legal advice for a wide range of different projects, from microfinance work and dispute resolution to work involving environmental law. This can be of enormous benefit to the development organisation.

All legal assistance provided through A4ID is given the same priority by lawyers as paid work. It is completed to the same high standards. Legal partners also agree to allocate the right blend of skills and experience to complete the work by an agreed deadline and to the recipient’s satisfaction.

For details of how A4ID establishes partnerships, read more about our broker service.

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Who can become a development partner?

Each A4ID development partner is in some way furthering one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether directly or indirectly, they are seeking to eradicate poverty and deal with its related issues.

There is no limit on the type or size of organisation that can become an A4ID Development Partner. Current Development Partners include:

  • Charities
  • NGOs / non-profit organisations
  • Inter-governmental organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Bar associations / Law societies
  • Developing country governments

A4ID does not work with those who make their assistance contingent on religious or political affiliation.

All Partners must abide by strong and transparent systems of governance and accountability.

A4ID does not generally assist individuals to access legal support; the only possible exception would be if a Development Partner is supporting a person/people with a legal need that relates to a bigger, systemic issue.

Become a development partner

Becoming a development partner does not cost anything but does involve meeting particular standards and all development partners must have strong and transparent systems of governance and accountability.

We can set up partnerships for NGOs, INGOS, not-for-profits, developing country governments, bar associations and law societies, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

Please note that we do not provide funding.

What we need from you

Before accepting any organisation as a development partner we undertake a process known as ‘due diligence’. To enable us to do this we may ask you for the following information:

  • Aims and objectives of your organisation
  • Details of how your work contributes to achieving the SDGs
  • Details of your governance structure
  • A copy of your latest Annual Report and audited accounts
  • A copy of your strategic plan
  • Details of your funding sources
  • Details of your Trustees/Board members and/or management

How to join our network

To find out more, have a look at our development partners’ pack.

For any further information or to become a development partner please contact [email protected]

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