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22 Jul 2013

Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting on the London Stock Exchange

This guide provides an overview of the key reporting requirements in connection with environmental, social and governance issues applicable to companies traded on the London Stock Exchange.

London Stock Exchange ESG reporting

22 Mar 2013

WTO Dispute Resolution

This guide describes the process of resolving disputes between states at the World Trade Organisation. The World Trade Organization (“WTO”) deals with the global rules of trade between nations. The WTO is run by its member governments, of which there are currently 158.

Legal Guide to WTO Dispute resolution

12 Mar 2013

Copyright in the UK

This guide addresses UK copyright law as at February 2013. UK law will cover how you can use and protect materials in the UK, even if the materials were created outside the UK.

Legal Guide – UK Copyright

1 Mar 2013

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the “Act”) gives any person access to information held by public authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland subject to certain exceptions. Similar legislation exists in Scotland however this is not covered in this guide. No reason need be given for wanting such information.

This guide provides background and summary of the law.

Legal Guide to Freedom of Information


22 Feb 2013

Defamation Guide

Defamation is a tort (a civil wrong) which arises when defamatory materials relating to an individual is publicly disclosed. This guide addresses the law of defamation in England as at February 2013.

Legal Guide to Defamation

27 Jul 2011

Liability for Volunteers: Insurance

While employees, workers, apprentices and some trainees must be insured, there is no duty to insure volunteers. However in certain circumstances volunteers can be regarded as employees and workers in the eyes of the law. This guide outlines the legal considerations in insuring volunteers and explains how insurance for volunteers can be obtained.

Liability for Volunteers – Insurance

27 Mar 2011

Judicial Review in the UK

This presentation, given at A4ID’s Training for Development Partners event, outlines the law of judicial review (JR) in the UK.

This talk discusses Judicial Review by explanatory definition, the public law obligations of public authorities, limits to JR, remedies available, and practical/procedural considerations for claimants.

This talk was delivered at A4ID’s Training for Development Partners event, held 15-17 March 2011 in London. These training events are designed to provide an introduction to key areas of law for development organisations and their work. Each training seminar is tailored to the NGO context and includes presentations and case studies presented by leading lawyers, many of whom work for A4ID’s Legal Partners. Presentations are prepared for an audience without any prior legal knowledge or training.

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