Development Partners

A4ID works in close co-operation with hundreds of development organisations around the world from large international NGOs, national and multinational agencies to developing country governments and small civil society groups

“Just when you’re thinking, things are tough, evil seems unstoppable, you are exhilarated to discover there is a thing called Advocates for International Development. You are fantastic.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Our Development Partners

For organisations that have been accepted as development partners, A4ID brokers free legal support by matching their needs with the capability of our legal partners.

Law is a powerful tool for fighting causes, protecting rights and running any effective organisation. Given our access to a wide range of legal partners, we provide the best legal advice for a wide range of different projects, from microfinance work and dispute resolution to work involving environmental law. This can be of enormous benefit to the development organisation.

All legal assistance provided through A4ID is given the same priority by lawyers as paid work. It is completed to the same high standards. Legal partners also agree to allocate the right blend of skills and experience to complete the work by an agreed deadline and to the recipient’s satisfaction.

Find out how legal support could benefit your organisation.