Safeguarding Framework

Safeguarding Policy

As an organisation, A4ID affirms that everyone it comes into contact with, regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. A4ID will not tolerate abuse and exploitation by or of team members.

This policy aims to ensure that A4ID team members, as appropriate to their engagement with A4ID, are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities. This includes:

  • Safeguarding OF its team: A4ID will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its team members are kept safe from harm;
  • Safeguarding BY its team: A4ID will ensure all team members are trained, confident, and supported in being aware of safeguarding risk factors, and able to receive, record, and report safeguarding concerns;
  • Safeguarding FROM its team: A4ID will ensure that it follows safe recruitment best practice, that it clearly establishes the behavioural expectations of its team members, and that it responds appropriately to any breaches of those standards.

For this reason, A4ID has put in place a robust Safeguarding Policy.

All staff, volunteers, interns, experts, consultants or any other individuals representing A4ID are expected to fully comply with this policy. 

Safeguarding Reports 

All concerns and reports will be taken seriously by A4ID and addressed immediately. Any concerns or reports will be sent to the A4ID Safeguarding Officer who will identify how they should be managed in line with the Safeguarding Policy.  

A4ID has therefore put in place a Safeguarding Reports Procedure to properly deal with any safeguarding concerns or reports. 

If you have any safeguarding concerns about the work of A4ID, or wish to make a safeguarding report, please contact Andrew MacKay, Safeguarding Officer on [email protected]

Safeguarding Code of Conduct

A4ID has also put in place a Safeguarding Code of Conduct which applies to all staff, volunteers, partners, contractors and suppliers. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to set out the conduct expected of its team members. The Code of Conduct is applicable at all times. Breaches of the Code of Conduct are grounds for disciplinary action as appropriate.

Whilst recognising that local laws and cultures differ considerably from one country to another, A4ID is an International Non-Governmental Organisation, and therefore the Code of Conduct is developed from international and UN standards. A4ID team members are expected to uphold local law wherever they operate, except where the Code of Conduct is more stringent, in which case the Code applies.