Key Policies

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

A4ID has put in place an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, to set clear guidelines for team members to ensure that A4ID under no circumstances partakes in bribery or corruption. All staff members, volunteers, and partners of A4ID are expected to fully comply. A4ID takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

The purpose of this policy is to set out our responsibilities, and of those working of us, in observing and upholding our position on bribery and corruption, provide information and guidance to those working for us on how to recognise and deal with bribery and corruption issues.

Duty of Care Policy

A4ID acknowledges that it owes a duty of care towards its team members during any international deployment as part of an A4ID programme or project. For that reason, A4ID has adopted a Duty of Care Policy, detailing how this duty operates in practice by detailing A4ID’s responsibilities towards its team members and how it will ensure a safe and healthy environment for those who work with it.

Data Protection Policy 

Everyone has rights with regard to how their personal data is handled. For this reason A4ID has put in place a Data Protection Policy which sets out how A4ID handles the personal data of its benefactors, suppliers, employees, workers and other third parties. The Data Protection policy applies to all personal data that AID processes regardless of the media on which that data is stored or whether it relates to past or present employees, workers, benefactors, clients or supplier contacts, shareholders, website users or any other data subject.

This data protection policy applies to all A4ID team members, who are expected to read, understand and comply with this policy when processing personal data on A4ID’s behalf and to attend training on its requirements. This policy sets out what A4ID expects from its team members, in order to comply with applicable data protection law. Compliance with this data protection policy is mandatory for all team members. 

In addition, in respect to any restricted transfer of data, any Third Party and each Third Party Affiliate shall comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws in the Processing of A4ID Personal Data, and not Process A4ID Personal Data other than on A4ID’s documented instructions unless Processing is required by Applicable Laws to which the relevant Contracted Processor is subject, in which case Third Party or the relevant Third Party Affiliate shall to the extent permitted by Applicable Laws inform the relevant A4ID Group Member of that legal requirement before the relevant Processing of that Personal Data. 

Third Parties are required to comply with the A4ID Data Protection Addendum and Standard Contractual Clauses.

Equal Opportunities 

A4ID is clear about its responsibility to promote equal opportunities and to challenge discriminatory behaviour wherever it occurs. A4ID has adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy which sets out its commitments and the action to be taken to achieve equal opportunities. A4ID will treat everyone equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect and not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any one or more of the Protected Characteristics. 

A4ID is clear that this is the responsibility of all team members to act in accordance with this policy and ensure that no-one receives less favourable treatment than any other on the grounds of any one or more of the Protected Characteristics.

Complaints Policy 

A4ID has put in place a Complaints Policy, given its responsibilities to act with the highest standards of organisational integrity and accountability, and recognising the need for fair, accessible, open and accountable processes.

The Complaints Policy allows for a proper procedure to be put into place where external complaints can be dealt with effectively and in relation to which records can be maintained. This enables members of staff and trustees to make regular reviews of the services provided by A4ID and of the ways in which they work and implement improvements where appropriate.

If you have any complaints about the work of A4ID, please contact Andrew MacKay, on [email protected]