The SDG Legal Initiative

The SDG Legal Initiative

The SDG Legal Initiative is a call to action to the global legal profession to work towards the achievement of the SDG Agenda and we have until 2030 to do so. By sharing knowledge and providing opportunities to take practical action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity, A4ID will continue its work with the legal sector to enhance this impact. The SDG Legal Initiative aims to create communities of practice, and to amplify the role of the legal sector in achieving the SDGs.

The Legal Guide to the SDGs

As part of its SDG Legal Initiative, A4ID has developed the world’s first Legal Guide to the SDGs. The Legal Guide has been developed as a unique resource, providing a foundational analysis of the role that law can and should play in the achievement of the SDGs. Developed in collaboration with lawyers, academics, and development practitioners, the Guide is made up of 17 distinct chapters, each focussed on one of the 17 goals. Each chapter provides an overview of the relevant regional, national, and international legal frameworks, highlighting how the law can be applied to promote the implementation of the SDGs. The Guide also offers key insights into the legal challenges and opportunities that lawyers may encounter, presenting clear examples of the actions that lawyers can take to help achieve each goal.

Why do SDGs matter?

The SDGs mark an opportunity for lawyers to make a tangible contribution to positive social and environmental change. They provide a global framework for lawyers to engage in sustainable development and to increase access to justice for individuals and communities everywhere.

“The SDGs will help us engage our stakeholders in improving our contribution to eradicating poverty, protecting the environment and empowering people and communities. The framework enables us to have greater impact on these issues through collaboration”

Matt Sparkes, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Linklaters LLP