‘Is international pro bono a means to an end, or the end itself?'

As part of National Pro Bono Week 2011 A4ID is organising a session at the National Pro Bono Centre London Roundtable event being held at the Law Society on Monday 7 November 2011.

The session on international pro bono will be chaired by A4ID Chief Executive Yasmin Batliwala, and will feature presentations by A4ID Projects Officer Elisabeth Baraka, Monique Villa from TrustLaw Connect, Shireen Irani from iProbono, Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren from Amicus and Tim Soutar from International Senior Lawyers Project UK. The speakers will be discussing the question “Is pro bono a means to an end or an end in itself?” giving the opportunity for attendees to hear how these various organisations approach pro bono work and the impact they have had worldwide.

Yasmin Batliwala said, “It is sometimes taken for granted that pro bono work should be done by lawyers – and that big law firms should do international pro bono. But why should they? And should they stop there, or is pro bono actually a means to achieving something much larger?

“At this event we hope to look at this question as well as considering what motivates lawyers to undertake international pro bono work, and whether a firm’s rhetoric about why pro bono is important to them matches up with reality. A4ID and the other international pro bono services involved in this event are excited about the opportunity to share our diverse learning and experiences in this area as part of National Pro Bono Week.”

A4ID’s session will run from 16:30-17:30 and is followed by a panel debate on ‘Pro bono post the Legal Aid and Punishment of Offenders Bill’, and the launch of National Pro Bono Week.

To attend the event, please click here.

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