A4ID supports World Bank global research project

A4ID is supporting the World BankThe World Bank is a non-profit organization which focuses on achieving the Millennium Development Goals, seeking sustained development and the eradication of poverty. to find lawyers to work on its new global research project.

Investing Across Borders (IAB) is a new World Bank Group initiative that analyses the regulation of foreign direct investment (FDI) in over 100 countries worldwide.

The aim is to increase FDI competiveness through better regulation, stimulating reforms that lead to a more business-conducive, transparent and secure environment for foreign investors.

The project compares three indicators; economies’ laws, regulations, and practices affecting how foreign companies invest across sectors, start businesses, access industrial land and arbitrate commercial disputes.

The indicators draw on data collected through a survey of lawyers and other professional service providers, and combines analysis of laws and regulations, as well as their implementation.

The project hopes to identify good practice, facilitate learning opportunities and stimulate reforms. Since the IAB’s launch last year dozens of reform initiatives have already been implemented.

FDI is important for developing countries as it not only provides capital but also contributes towards increasing the skills set, expertise and job opportunities for the local labour market, and can subsequently improve productivity.

The World Bank is seeking lawyers to complete short research surveys for one or more areas in relation to their jurisdiction. The areas are:

- Investing across sectors

- Starting a foreign investment

- Employing skilled expatriates

- Arbitrating and mediating disputes

- Converting and transferring currency

Participants will be required to confirm or amend data from last year’s report, indicating where any reforms have taken place. Each survey should be completed within three weeks. All contributors and their firm will be acknowledged in the report and on the IAB website.

The project is suitable for fully qualified lawyers although trainees may also take part. To take part please email probono@a4id.org stating the jurisdictions in which you practise.