A4ID supporters voice their opinions to the ICAI

We would like to thank all the A4ID supporters who took the time to complete the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) consultation last month.

We collated all your responses into a report which we have now submitted to the ICAI. These will be used to help the Commission to determine their priorities for the next three years.

But we thought that you would be interested to see what the conclusions of our report were.

Africa in focus


The overwhelming majority of respondents felt that Africa should be the region that the ICAI focuses its attentions on.

This was largely as a result of the sheer amount of aid flowing into the region, the scale of the need within the continent and the ties between the UK and many African countries.


Priority country


But in contrast to this, it was Afghanistan that people felt should be the priority country for the ICAI.

The reason for this particular attention is due to the high absolute and relative expenditure on the country by the UK’s aid budget and the urgent need of humanitarian assistance in country.


Basic principle


The countries that featured more often as priorities for our respondents included India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe. This was due to a variety of reasons including the amount of aid delivered by the UK to these countries, the need to understand the impact of this and also a desire to see what lessons could be learned to improve aid delivery for the future.

But with no other country emerging as a clear priority for respondents there was a feeling that attention must be paid to a large number of countries where there is significant need.

Some respondents felt that ICAI’s focus should follow a basic principle: focus being proportionate to the size of aid granted in order to ensure money is being spent properly and appropriately.


Solid foundation


Our respondents felt that Governance, Government and Civil Society should be the key sector on which the ICAI should report. And as a natural extension, there was a clear preference for Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance as the cross-cutting issues that the ICAI should focus on.

This was driven by a belief that without good governance delivering impacts in areas such as health and education would be hard to achieve.




There was a general commentary that the ICAI should avoid the risk of falling into a regional, country-specific or silo-based approach.

Many development issues are multi-regional and inter-dependent in nature, requiring an integrated approach. As such there was a strong belief from our respondents that the Millennium Development Goals should be used as an overarching framework for the ICAI’s focus.

To learn more about the work of the ICAI please visit http://icai.independent.gov.uk/


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