A4ID seeks lawyers for World Bank report

A4ID is working with the World BankThe World Bank is a non-profit organization which focuses on achieving the Millennium Development Goals, seeking sustained development and the eradication of poverty. on its global research project, Doing Business and is looking for lawyers from all jurisdictions to contribute to the 2013 report.

Doing Business is a global project that aims to provide an objective overview of business laws and regulations by researching the types of business regulations most favourable to economic growth.

This is done by measuring 11 business environment indicators including starting a business, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, enforcing contracts and closing a business.

Efficient and effective business reform

The Doing Business annual report, seen as one of the most high-profile publications by the World Bank, presents the results of this research and helps the institution in its promotion of efficient and effective business reform. It relies on the pro bono contributions of legal professionals to ensure its data is up to date.

Legal research

During March 2012, lawyers working on this project through A4ID will be required to complete surveys in the sector and jurisdiction of their expertise.

Where necessary contributors will correct last year’s data and indicate, where relevant, any reforms. Contributors will have three weeks to complete the surveys.

Improving business environments

This project offers an opportunity to contribute to international development by improving business environments worldwide.

It aims to encourage countries to support more efficient regulation and advance an open, rule-based and predictable trading and financial system for developing countries.

Being part of this project will allow lawyers and their firms to join a network of more than 8,200 professionals. All contributors and their firm will also be acknowledged in the report.

If you are interested in taking part in this project please email probono@a4id.org for further details, outlining your areas and jurisdictions of interest.