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Law firms, barristers' chambers, corporations and government departments


A4ID is a charity and relies on contributions from its legal partners to continue its services to the international development sector. More details on legal partnership and the requested contributions can be found in our legal partners' pack.

Firms thinking about getting involved can join A4ID's weekly project circulation network for up to 6 months to view the variety of opportunities available, and can take on one project during this time as a Trial Legal Partners.

We are always happy to come and meet with firms to discuss the work of A4ID and how to get involved. Please contact

Individual lawyers

Please note that A4ID is only able to offer pro bono opportunities involving legal advice or assistance to those with appropriate qualifications and insurance cover.

In the UK, for example, this means that individual solicitors cannot engage in pro bono opportunities unless they do so through their firm under the Solicitors' Professional Practice Rules of England & Wales.

Solicitors can only participate in A4ID's pro bono work via their firm if it has registered as a Legal Partner.

If your firm is a legal partner and you would like to find out more about the opportunities available, please contact your firm's representative.

If the rules in your jurisdiction differ, please contact us to discuss how you might become involved.

Barristers & legal academics

If you are a barrister or legal academic and wish to become involved in pro bono opportunities through A4ID, please sign up as a member of A4ID and send a copy of your CV to our Pro Bono staff team.


The most up-to-date information on costs can be found in our legal partners' pack, under Annual Partnership Contributions.

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