Case Studies

MAKOKO: Local to international fashion – empowering African women
Read the inspiring story of MAKOKO
"Tele-medicine" services in rural India
When the Eleos Foundation needed legal support for a project providing low-cost "tele-medicine" services in India, A4ID was able to provide help through Dechert, one of our Legal Partners.
Hand in Hand: working to form and grow businesses in developing countries.
A4ID lawyers provided legal assistance to Hand in Hand, who work for economic and social empowerment by supporting the development of enterprises and jobs and the generation of higher incomes.
Building evidence against shale gas exploration for WWF-UK
WWF-UK have fought the development of shale gas exploration due to concerns over water contamination caused by drilling. A4ID assisted in researching relevant laws, used to inform WWF-UK’s strategy.
Working to realise women’s rights with Equality Now
An update on how our work is contributing to the global fight against poverty.
Regulating the real weapons of mass destruction
A4ID provided lawyers for a Legal Response Network, formed by Oxfam and the Control Arms campaign.
The bitter sweet reality of chocolate
Lawyers found by A4ID assist Stop the Traffik in their campaign to end child trafficking in the chocolate industry.
The law: the key to ensuring an effective disaster response?
It is inevitable that disasters do happen. But new work by our legal partners considers how the law can be used to ensure that the international response is as swift and effective as possible.
Helping agricultural groups grow their business
In many communities, lack of access to credit can prevent people from making a living. But our legal partners have worked with Oxfam, local banks and farmers to help them grow their businesses.
Defusing the Debt Crisis
Jubilee Scotland is committed to raising awareness of sovereign debt arbitration. Work through A4ID has led to a parliamentary motion and a People’s Debt Tribunal in Scottish Parliament.

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