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"The legal assistance provided to me through A4ID was like gold." 

Fiona Gooch, Trade Policy Advisor, Traidcraft

How it works

Organisations that have been approved as our development partners can receive help on any legal need they have. Firstly, they fill out a Project Summary Form and submit this to A4ID. We help to finalise the scope and nature of each request.

Requests for assistance are circulated to our legal partners every Monday.

Usually, legal partners are given a week to apply for projects. If more than one legal partner with expertise applies, the project will be allocated to the partner that has been allocated a project least recently. If necessary, we may be able to seek assistance more urgently.

A4ID aims to take around two weeks to publicise and allocate a project. Once we have found lawyers to assist, we introduce the partners so the legal work can begin. While we cannot guarantee to find lawyers, we are successful most of the time.

To see what kinds of projects we broker, have a look at our ideas for using legal services or read about some past projects.

We circulate details of all new projects to our legal partners every Monday.

Our requirements

Development partners

Before we find legal assistance for an organisation, it must become a 'development partner' of A4ID; this does not cost anything but involves meeting particular standards.

All development partners must have strong and transparent systems of governance and accountability.

We do not work with groups whose assistance to others is contingent on their religious or political affiliation. Above all, development partners must be working to further the UN Millennium Development Goals which are at the centre of A4ID's work.

To find out more please take a look at our development partners' pack and our Governing Code. 

Legal partners

A4ID can use the expertise of all types of lawyers.

To get access to our pro bono opportunities, firms, chambers and in-house teams must become 'legal partners' of A4ID.

All Legal Partners must abide by our Governing Code. This ensures that all legal assistance is to the same high standard and given equal importance as work for paying clients. To find out more please take a look at our Governing Code or download our legal partner pack. 


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