What Lawyers Can Do About Climate Change

This paper relates to a joint A4ID/KCL workshop that examined climate change from a legal perspective. The workshop was motivated by the developing reality that ‘climate change law’ is now extending beyond high-level international negotiations, environmental frameworks and legal campaigning to infiltrate daily legal practice and adjudicatory proceedings through a variety of legal sub-disciplines. What […]

Conference report – India and Post 2015

This paper examines these issues, paying attention to the role that India may play in the months leading up to the September summit. It is informed by, in particular, an event held by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and Advocates for International Development (A4ID) in New Delhi in February 2015 to promote […]

Guide to establishing non-profit organisations in Australia

In Australia, non-profit organisations (whether charities or not) are normally established in one of three ways: companies, trusts and incorporated associations. However, incorporated associations are specifically for organisations that are going to operate just within one of the Australian states. Therefore, in practice, non-profit organisations seeking to establish in Australia should think of starting as […]

WTO Dispute Resolution

This guide describes the process of resolving disputes between states at the World Trade Organisation. The World Trade Organization (“WTO”) deals with the global rules of trade between nations. The WTO is run by its member governments, of which there are currently 158. Legal Guide to WTO Dispute resolution